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We create art and illustrations.
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I have done various illustrations for books, articles and comics. There are many different kinds of drawings and this service will usually include 1 or more of the following 5 services.

Comic penciling

This is the basic act of producing a clean well-drawn pencil drawing with, or without shading which can then be inked, digitally painted or shaded to make an artistic drawing. For a comic style result the shading will have to be done in a vector style. One of the important factors for the comic penciler is to work in a clean way.

Comic inking

The pencil lines are digitally coloured with a black line that has varying width, weight and curves. This gives character to drawings and in usually used for a comic or graphic novel look. The inking process is essential in giving an illustration it’s fleshed-out look and is arguably the most important step towards the final artwork. As a comic inker, I used to ink in adobe illustrator, but have now found that Photoshop is a much better program to ink in for most purposes.

Comic coloring

The inked drawing is flatted with basic colours and is then coloured with various gradients, marquees and shades. This can be smooth or heavily vectored. A comic colourist can have a huge impact on the look of the final artwork, or page look and feel.

Figure drawing & Artistic drawing

A pencil or charcoal drawing which is shaded like any fine art drawing. This can be digitally painted or left as is. You can commission me to do a work based on the subject matter of your choice, or you can inquire about my existing works.

Digital painting

This is a lot like coloring but it can be done with or without inking and can be done with or without pencil/charcoal shading. This technique creates a more artistic feel.

Vector Drawings

Vector drawings can be resized to any size. They are popular formats for promotional art that needs to be printed on small items, but also need to be blown up to the size of building wraps without any loss of quality.

We can use existing photos and redraw them in vector format or we can create custom cartoon illustrations in this format.

if you don’t know what a vector image is I probably cannot explain it adequately here, but it can be printed ANY size without degradation. It consists of lines and dots and assigned curves and gradients. So you know photos and photoshop and pixels? This is the opposite of that!

Corporate/Textbook illustrations

These illustrations are not always designed to be the epitome of art. They are produced to be quick, consistent and to illustrate the desired point.
We can offer these in a variety of styles.

Family Portrait / Family Drawings

I can draw you family members, whether it is a picture of one person or a group of many. These drawings often need to be larger than most drawings when there are various figures in order to keep the details and keep the figures recognizable.

I can also put various figures from different photos into one composition on the artwork. For this service I prefer to work from photographs rather than live models in order to make sure that the resemblance is clear.

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